Berkenhof – a social project in Ninove

On 14/02/20, the Berkenhof project in Ninove was completed. The project consists of 37 residential units. The works carried out include structural work, finishing and techniques.
The Berkenhof project

For the Berkenhof project, the social housing company Ninove-Welzijn cooperated with VZW Fiola, a service that offers tailor-made support for people with a disability and their network. VZW Fiola is no stranger to Wyckaert. In 2017 vzw De Tandem was chosen as charity that Wyckaert would be supporting throughout. All kinds of activities were organised to raise money. On January 1, 2018, De Tandem joined forces with a number of partners under the name VZW Fiola.

The accommodation units are adapted or adaptable to the needs of the elderly, wheelchair users and people with disabilities.

A number of apartments were included in the list of the local allocation regulations for people over 65 years old. In addition, there are residential units intended for young people and young families. The outer street was created to promote contact between the residents.

With this project, among other things, the client seeks an integrated and supported local housing policy.