Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
1. Verantwoordelijk voor de gegevensbescherming en verantwoordelijke instantie
Verantwoordelijk instantie is Algemene Ondernemingen R. Wyckaert NV, Ottergemsesteenweg 415 te 9000 Gent. Verantwoordelijk voor de gegevensbescherming bij Algemene Ondernemingen R. Wyckaert NV is de Data Protection Officer. In het kader van de General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of ook de Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming – AVG genoemd, die ingaat op 25/05/2018 heeft u recht op kosteloze informatie over de van u opgeslagen gegevens en het recht zo nodig deze gegevens te laten corrigeren, blokkeren of verwijderen.

2. Cookies – Google Analytics en Google Remarketing
In het kader van Google Analytics werkt de website van Wyckaert met “cookies”. Cookies zijn kleine informatie-eenheden die door de webserver op uw browser worden opgeslagen. Nadat de browser het cookie heeft geaccepteerd, stuurt hij het bij elke hit op onze website als extra informatie naar de webserver terug. De webserver maakt voor elke gebruiker een eigen cookie aan. Aan de hand van de cookies kunnen wij de gebruikers van onze website herkennen. Bij deze gegevens gaat het niet om persoonsgegevens. De gegevens worden enkel gebruikt voor statistische doeleinden en voor het verbeteren van de internetpagina’s. Deze informatie wordt niet doorgegeven aan derden, noch voor commerciële noch voor niet-commerciële doeleinden.

Alleen als cookies geactiveerd zij, kunt u gebruik maken van alle functies van de website.

De gegevens die worden verzameld zijn volgende:
Algemene informatie over de bezoekers aan de Wyckaert website
• Aantal bezoeken;
• Aantal paginaweergaves;
• Gemiddeld aantal pagina’s per bezoek;
• Weigeringspercentage;
• Gemiddelde tijd per bezoek;
• Nieuw bezoekpercentage.

• Taal van de bezoeker;
• Land van herkomst;
• Nieuwe versus terugkerende bezoekers;
• Bezoekersloyaliteit.

Browserprofiel van bezoekers aan de Wyckaert website
• Netwerklocatie van de bezoeker;
• Browser van de bezoeker;
• Besturingssysteem van de bezoeker;
• Verbindingssnelheid van de bezoeker;
• Schermkleuren van de bezoeker;
• Schermresolutie van de bezoeker.
Verkeersbronnen naar de Wyckaert website
• Bezoekers via direct verkeer;
• Bezoekers via verwijzende websites;
• Bezoekers via zoekmachines;
• De gebruikte zoekopdrachten in zoekmachines;
• Bezoekers via online campagnes (Google AdWords, banners, e-mail, etc.).

Inhoud van de Wyckaert website
• Belangrijkste pagina’s van uw website;
• Hoe navigeren bezoekers door uw website;
• Belangrijkste bestemmingspagina’s;
• Instapbronnen per bestemmingspagina;
• Instapzoekwoorden per bestemmingspagina;
• Belangrijkste uitklappagina’s.


Daarnaast staat de functie rapportage over demografische gegevens en interessecategorieën ingeschakeld. Verder gebeurt er een in-page analyse en linktoeschrijving.


3. Inschrijven op nieuwsbrief
Bij het inschrijven op de “nieuwsbrief” zullen wij de aan ons verstrekte gegevens verzamelen, opslaan, verwerken en gebruiken voor het versturen van de nieuwsbrief.


4. Sollicitaties

Voor alle online sollicitaties of het doorsturen van contactgegevens met betrekking tot het sollicitatieproces zal Wyckaert vanaf midden mei 2018 gebruik maken van de diensten van Warehouse
INFO@CVWAREHOUSE.COM | BELGIUM TEL: +32 3 202 42 20 | FAX: +32 3 248 64 91 | PORTUGAL TEL: +351 213 233 106

I. Who is CV Warehouse?
CVWarehouse NV (hereafter “CVWarehouse”), operates the CVWarehouse candidate portal and the
company portal on the CVWarehouse website and is the controller or processor (see further) for
the processing of personal data.
You are able to contact them through following coordinates:
Lambermontstraat 10
2000 Antwerp
Tel: +32 3 202 42 20, Fax: +32 3 248 64 91, E-mail:
They have appointed a Data Protection Officer (‘DPO’) that oversees all privacy related matters
within CVWarehouse. The contact details for the DPO are: Mrs. Lieve Van de Loo, Tel: +32 3 202 42 20

II. Which personal data does CV Warehouse NV process?
They may collect information from visitors of our website in various ways, in particular:
Anonymous aggregated information
This is information about all the visitors combined, such as the sections of the website visitors
most frequently go to, and the services that they prefer to use. To protect the visitors’ rights to
privacy, this information is anonymous and aggregated. Therefore no individual CVWarehouse
visitor can be identified on the basis of this information. They may use such information to generate
anonymous traffic numbers which They may disclose to their clients and the public.
In their log files (which are files that contain data about events for future reference), they may collect
and store Internet Protocol addresses for data safety reasons. They may also use Internet Protocol
addresses to draw up anonymous statistics, in order to measure the number of people on their
website (traffic) and load balance their systems accordingly to provide optimal response times. We
may use these anonymous statistics for accounting purposes to calculate the number of clicks
received via their own or websites of their business partners, but they will not use this information to
identify visitors of the website.
Personal data of candidates
Providing them or their customers (companies you may apply with) with their personal data will lead to
the processing of such data by CVWarehouse. We will process all the personal data you provide us
with, such as (but not limited to) identity and contact details (name, address, tel. number, e-mail
address, date and place of birth, marital status, nationality, sex,…), profession, education,
memberships and possibly also sensitive information (such as health data) if such data is provided
by you.
INFO@CVWAREHOUSE.COM | BELGIUM TEL: +32 3 202 42 20 | FAX: +32 3 248 64 91 | PORTUGAL TEL: +351 213 233 106

III. Why do we process your personal data? They process your personal data to provide you with their services (allowing you to create and use a CVWarehouse profile) and thus to execute the agreement they have with you or because their customers use a job site that is provided and powered by them to process personal data of candidates that apply with them. Filling out a candidate profile and uploading a CV in a free text document for a vacancy of their customers offers the opportunity to CVWarehouse customers to process personal information in the search for the right candidates for their vacancies. If a candidate registers on their website directly to create a profile (“free registration”) that
candidate can get into contact with potential employers, when the candidate decides to disclose its
profile to a potential employer. They will also process your personal data for personal mailings if you consent to this by flagging the option “Yes, I want CVWarehouse NV to keep me informed confidentially of future opportunities, a broader network of jobs and candidates”. Consenting to this will allow them to send you mailings, basing themselves on your profile information, in relation to job opportunities of their customers. Again, your data will only be passed on to such other party after you decide yourself you wish to share your personal data when you are interested in a job opportunity. Please visit their FAQ section for more practical information on this topic.

IV. With whom is the collected personal data shared?
Contrary to other recruitment sites, CVWarehouse never gives any third party access the personal
data of candidates that they have transferred directly to CVWarehouse, without the candidate itself
deciding thereto (see above section). This way they assure more privacy and safety of use of such
personal information than commonly available in this market space. All information provided
remains private and is solely used for the purposes described on their website.
Firstly, the bulk of collected personal data is only available to employees of CVWarehouse, who
have signed a specific non-disclosure agreement concerning the processing of such data. Every
customer that uses the company portal on their websites enters into a non-disclosure agreement
with them and can only view the details of candidates who have decided to disclose their data to
these specific companies or the candidates that have applied directly with them.
There are two possible scenarios in which your personal data can be shared:
1. In case of a “free registration” on the CVWarehouse website, whereby you provide your
personal information but do not apply for a vacancy on our site, your data is submitted
only to CVWarehouse. Your data will only be passed on to a potential employer after
you explicitly decide thereto by disclosing your data. When you apply for a vacancy for
CVWarehouse as an organization itself (not one of their customers), your data will only
be processed by CVWarehouse and will never be transferred to a third party.
2. When you apply for a specific online vacancy of a customer (potential employer) on the
CVWarehouse website or on the own website of a customer, your personal data will be
processed by that customer and will also be visible for CVWarehouse, as we provide the
technical means for such processing by our customers.
In the first case, CVWarehouse acts as controller for your personal data, as you add your personal
data to our database to allow you to create a profile. In the second case, the potential employer
(their customer) is the controller and CVWarehouse is merely a processor as it provides a job site
used by the company to process your personal data. In both abovementioned cases (save for when
you apply with CVWarehouse for a job within their organization), their customers are also solely
responsible as controller for the information that they add to a candidate profile themselves following a job interview. Although their customers contractually agree to use your data for their
own company recruitment needs only, non-compliance by such companies with this contractual
obligation can be notified to their Support Department.
Today, a candidates profile is only accessible on the CVWarehouse site in the company login
section, by employers who have entered into a contractual relationship with CVWarehouse. A CV
may, however, be made accessible in the future via other websites of CVWarehouse subsidiaries or
branches in other EU countries and possibly the US and Asia Pacific countries. In such case, a
candidate will be notified in a timely fashion and will be asked to consent to this through the profile
login or by e-mail.
Secondly, apart from CVWarehouse and its customers, personal data can also be shared with their
technical partners, in order to be able to provide you with their services. Their Website is hosted on a
server in the EU that is being maintained by CEGEKA, which has access to their databases to ensure
the contractual maintenance, but cannot access login and password protected areas. Nevertheless,
CEGEKA has entered into a non-disclosure agreement with them. They also work with a limited amount
of external parties to provide their customers and candidates with some of the functionalities on their
website. If and insofar as this is necessary for technical administration and maintenance,
CVWarehouse may thus technically forward your data to ensure optimal use of their systems.

V. How long do they store personal data of candidates?
Your personal data will not be kept in their database when you are not making use of their services
anymore by deleting your profile.
They will also delete your profile and all personal data in it if you request them to do so rather by doing
that yourself, by notifying them or their DPO directly by using the contact details mentioned above.
Such a request will also result in their customers (who you may have applied with for a job) not
being able to consult your personal data anymore as your profile will be deleted.
For information on how long your personal data is stored by their customers who you applied with
directly through their website, we refer to the privacy policy of the customer(s) in question.

VI. Your rights and how to exercise them?
You have several rights concerning the personal data you provide them with, which you may exercise
by notifying them or their DPO directly by using the contact details mentioned above.
– the right to obtain access to the personal data that are processed by CVWarehouse and if
these personal data are inaccurate or incomplete, the rectification or completion of these
– the right to have your personal data deleted or to have the processing limited;
– the transfer of your personal data, either by providing you with a copy in a readable format
or by transferring the data directly to another entity if requested so by you;
– the right to withdraw your consent for personal mailings;
When they are not the controller of your personal data but merely processor (see section IV), they will
forward your questions or complaints to the actual controller, their customer, that controls your
personal data and is as such responsible for facilitating you in exercising your rights and answering
any questions you may have.
Should you feel that your inquiry with themhas not been addressed in a satisfactory manner, you
have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory data authority:
« Autorité de protection des données – Gegevensbeschermingsautoriteit »
INFO@CVWAREHOUSE.COM | BELGIUM TEL: +32 3 202 42 20 | FAX: +32 3 248 64 91 | PORTUGAL TEL: +351 213 233 106
Drukpersstraat 35
1000 Brussels
+32 (0)2 274 48 00

VII. Links to other websites
CVWarehouse websites may contain links to other websites which are outside the control, influence
or responsibility of CVWarehouse. CVWarehouse is not responsible for the protection of personal
data or data security practices of other websites or companies operating them. They therefore
strongly recommend you to read the privacy policies of such other websites in order to enable you
to find out how they may process your personal data. CVWarehouse is not responsible for the use
they may make of your personal data. Although we screen the companies and the opportunities,
CVWarehouse has no control over, and is hence not responsible for the legality, reliability, quality,
truth or accuracy of the job offers posted on its website. They encourage you to promptly inform them
if you would obtain knowledge of improper or fraudulent practices through websites linked to the
sites of CVWarehouse and/or by companies or persons responsible for or contributing to such
practices. The same holds for websites of third-parties that link into their websites.

VIII. Data Safety
To access private data, companies as well as candidates need to login explicitly and submit a
password or other kinds of exclusive authentication. The authentication security is enabled through
various security methods like intrusion detection, firewalls, encryption, manual procedures and
other. Additionally, passwords or any other authentication information will never be communicated
by email, as they cannot ensure conclusive safety measures on all browser and email platforms
where such information would pass through. Please refer to the FAQ section for further details on
loss of authentication details and unlocking blocked accounts.

IX. Cookies
Cookies are tiny files that your Web browser places on your hard disk to facilitate surfing websites
and to enhance online experience. Cookies are typically used to store information about your
preferences for the use of their website.
If you oppose the use of (certain) cookies you can configure your browser to refuse them in the
privacy settings of your browser, which however may result in some inconveniences while surfing
on their site. Please view the help-section of your browser for further assistance.
CVWarehouse uses the following cookies:
-Technically required cookies:
These cookies are required to enable core site functionality and cannot be disabled or rejected.
These cookies only stay active during your session on our website and are deleted by your browser
as soon as you log out. They currently use f.i. following cookies: cookies to determine if you
consented to the use of cookies, remembering language choice, providing navigation facilities,
enabling the search function.
– Third party and analytical cookies:
We use third party and analytical cookies to enhance the users’ possibilities when navigating the
website and for our marketing purposes as it provides us with an insight on visitors (number of
visitors, how the website is used, which pages are viewed mostly,…). These cookies do not stay
active for more than 2 years and do not provide them with the possibility to identify you when using
the website. When using the third party cookies, you may be identified by that third party (f.i.
through the social media buttons), but they do not control this information ourselves. They refer to
the privacy policy of these third parties if you wish to know more regarding the use of your
personal data by those third parties. Their customers may customize their jobsite (as powered by
ys) by placing cookies that they control and CV Warehouse does not have any insight into. They refer to the cookie policy of the customers for this. They currently use the following third party and analytical cookies themselves:Google Analytics (to provide us with statistics); AddThis (to provide the Social Media Share buttons).